Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maybe it's because I didn't get to eat Tapas at Bodega last Friday, or maybe it's because I have a hankering to head to the northern hemisphere ... I LOVE SPAIN. I love Gaudi. I love the way everything has a "h" sound in it. I also love this Barcelona apartment - the height, the white ... the bathroom. Oh, it's tastier than chorizo in a good paella.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SMALL SPACE FIX: A dining table that fits in a cupboard

For those of us without enough room to swing a cat, designer Noburi Teroshima brings us the dining suite for eight that hides in a cupboard. Inside, it has shelves offering space for cutlery (and wine) bottles and the height of the fold-out table is adjustable. The wooden cupboard stands on wheels that allow easy movement from one place to another.

Pictures: LinkDesign

Kitchens: cooking in the round

Round up, round up. Come and see more innovative ways designers make kitchens new and different. Circular kitchens? I like eating round things (biscuits, chocolate drops ... umm, cheese) so why not cook in one?
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Pictures: CompactConcepts via Freshome
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