Friday, March 26, 2010

Q&A: Removing gutters

Q. With so much talk on conserving water, what do you think of removing all guttering so water falls into the garden and is not sent directly down the drain pipe into the sea, where it is definitely not needed?
A: I certainly wouldn't suggest it! The gutters are designed to improve the longevity of your house by taking water away so it doesn't pool close to bricks or foundations. I understand how expensive water conservation systems like rainwater tanks or grey water diversion is - it's frightening - but removing gutters probably won't do the structural integrity of your house any favours. There are cheaper, smaller tanks that you can put under your downpipe but these don't hold a lot of water and can be expensive. Gutters are vital for keeping your house dry and your roof in tact. Keep 'em at all costs.
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Pictures: Terragram, landscaping by Sitta - a guru!

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