Friday, July 9, 2010

Dannii Minogue has a baby - and buys a house in East Hawthorn

Ah, just like me, Dannii Minogue likes to shop at IKEA (see top picture) then renovate a house to put it all in! Just days before she gave birth to baby Ethan, the younger Minogue was spotted shopping at IKEA, no doubt waiting to fill the rooms in this house she snapped up for $1.77million in Hawthorn East. My sister lives in Lingwell Rd in Hawthorn East, just a hop, skip and a jump from Dannii's new abode. I'm visiting Melbourne next weekend, so I might try to sneak my own glimpse of baby Ethan.
The house comes with its own playroom, a swimming pool and a huge open family room. These are the pics of the house when it was on the market, but Dannii and her partner Kris Smith have been staying at Dannii's mum's house in nearby Surrey Hills waiting for their Hawthorn East house to be ready for them.
So what do you think? IKEA shopping, buying a house and having a baby makes July a big month for Ms Minogue, right?

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  1. Love IKEA, Love the house they intend to make into a cosy home and am LOVING that photo. What a gorgeous and natural looking Dannii. How many celebs do you know that would allow a pic to be published without the make up room attendance first?

    Love Dannii.

  2. Danny looks pretty without make - up, more youthfull.

  3. OMG she looks gorgeous without makeup... so young and fresh! A-M xx

  4. Sounds like a busy time for them, but oh so exciting! And doesn't she look lovely? Sweet pic. K xx

  5. Dannii shops at Ikea? Well that makes me feel like less of a bogan.

  6. Ha! IKEA just sent me their catalogue sneak preview for 2010, and now I DESPERATELY want to come over all Dannii and bogan.


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