Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IKEA herds cats, I herd children. Same same.


Anyone who knows me knows I love IKEA. Like, love IKEA. There's something about an allen key that gets me going. But how cool is this new London ad for IKEA, which made no use of CGI and had a hundred cats let loose in an English IKEA store.  It features a song called Pianni and comes supported with a short making-of film called 'Herding Cats', showing the production team wrangling the animals and meeting their owners. The law of 'cats + internet = success' has again been proven correct, as the behind-the-scenes film has already notched up over 1.7m views on YouTube in the four days since it was uploaded.

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  1. wow bit different to the chuck out the chintz ads!

  2. Just a bit - wonder how many ad people wearing black came out looking fluffy and cat-furred.

  3. Love it, Alex! Thanks for sharing....


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