Saturday, December 13, 2008

SMALL SPACE FIX: Big ideas for small bathrooms

Just like our office cubicles, cars and economy, our bathrooms are shrinking. But how do you make a tiny room work all that bit harder? Try these tips.

* Streamlined vanities and basins with separate shelving, and cabinetry with storage space for cosmetics and toiletries, are essential inclusions for small bathrooms.

* Less is more and subtle storage provides the best solutions to allow for this. Glass and floating timber shelves on plain walls dress up the room and add instant storage space for towels.
* Embrace the trend towards smaller or wall-hung vanities. Wall-hung products such as toilets and vanities are gaining in popularity because they take up much less room than larger units and create a modern-looking bathroom.

* When it comes to tiles, the bigger the better - larger tiles make a room appear bigger than it actually is. Wall tiles laid vertically and extending to the ceiling can make a small bathroom feel larger by drawing the eye upwards. If you want to create a sense of a wider space, tiles can be placed horizontally.

* Mirrors also create depth and distribute light throughout the room. The colour scheme can also create the illusion of space, especially with a colour palette of whites, creams or pastels.
* Keep things simple and avoid large patterns as these will make the room appear more cluttered.
* Corners and gaps between shower recesses and basins can often be dead space. There are products that maximise these areas and make the most of every inch of the room.
* Bathrooms have also become multi-purpose, incorporating rooms such as laundries, so clever storage prevents cramping.

Pictures: LJT bathrooms

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