Sunday, January 4, 2009

GOOP: Gwyneth's newsletter and her renovation style

The internet is a strange place, full of spam, Nigerian money scams and actors telling the world: Take-Me-Seriously-I'm-Not-A-Sham. Yes folks, Gwyneth Paltrow has her own lifestyle website. Seriously.
Take a look here and you too can sign up for her weekly newsletter, which is sometimes good ... I don't mind the recipes ... but occasionally ludicrous. "I am interested in spiritual disciplines within different religions and schools of thought. I thought it would be inspiring to periodically ask a question to a group of thinkers from various traditions on the subjects that often confound me," she writes.
One thing I did discover through Goop is that Gwynnie and I not only have a similar propensity to tearful outbursts at inappropriate moments, but share a love ofAnouska Hempel's hotel designs, pictured above. While Gwynnie no doubt loves London's Blakes Hotels for it's reputation of shooing away the pesky paparazzi, I like it for it's quietly tasteful white rooms, which are a den of peace. What you say? Spending $1134 a night in a fancy hotel like Blakes could nourish my inner spirit in a way that Gwyneth's website probably can't.

Pictures: Gwyneth from US House & Garden via Apartment Therapy, White rooms from Blakes Hotels

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