Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bed inspiration

Would an $80,000 bed help you sleep better? I loved this story aboutinsomnia (the link is below and its written by one of my favourite journos, Daphne Guinness) and when I came across this bed designed by Agnieszka Bernacka, I wondered if it would be more helpful than a Valium or 95 to make you sleep at night. The bed was created after two years of research into sleep habits and uses light, sound and massage therapies to "create an environment to enhance all the senses - forming a place to rejuvenate, meditate and above all sleep". The viscoelastic memory foam mattress has an in-built massage system (mmm, massage). That egg-like shell of the Lomme bed has a special system which blocks harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation, while a specially designed sleep button isolates all electricity away from the bed. Wow. Sounds better than what I sleep with.

Photo: Simon Sorted, Copyright Cycle13 Transformation Establishment via Lomme

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