Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A garden gadget worth knowing about

This is what I need for my oh-so-large vegie garden. I can fill it with a tea made from garlic cloves to keep ALL THOSE ANNOYING PLANT-MUNCHING BUGS at bay and douse my herbs and vegies with a garlicky flavour.  This sprayer is made from recycled plastics and doesn’t rely on batteries or chemical propellants to pump the spray -- it's a good old-fashioned hand-pump. Make your own vegie garden sprays utilising everything from chillies, eucalyptus oil and quassia chips to garlic, pyrethrum, eco-oils and soap to control aphids, white fly, thrips, mites, mealy bugs and scale insects. The sprayer is available at Bunnings. For some cute ideas on growing food, head to YouGrowGirl, a great gardening blog (albeit from the northern hemisphere).

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Top Picture: Hudson, Bottom Picture: YouGrowGirl

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