Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEWS: PVC shower curtains release toxins in your bathroom

I already knew that shower curtains have Psycho-like ways ... what with trying to stick to you while you shower and all.
Now I KNOW those wafty, mouldy curtains are up to no good -- especially if made from PVC. They are poisonous. Truly.
United States research shows " Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic shower curtains purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart all contain avoidable toxic chemicals including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, organotins and metals. Some of these chemicals are volatile, so they are released into the air inside our homes."
As many as 108 chemicals, in fact - some of which can damage the liver, central nervous, reproductive and respiratory system. Gah!
"This investigation shows that PVC shower curtains are significant contributors to indoor air pollution," the 2008 research says. It also found:
* Chemicals with names scarier than my bed-hair were detected in the greatest concentrations in the first 28 days of installing the shower curtain. These chemicals include toluene, cyclohexanone, methyl isobutyl, some of which are banned in America but not Australia.
* Heat and humidity increases the release of chemicals from shower curtains.
* We should buy cotton or PVC-free shower curtains. Better still, stick to a shower cubicle and avoid the manky things all together.
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