Saturday, February 20, 2010

7 insider tips and tricks to painting

Personally, I find painting a drag. I know it's one of those jobs that DIYers are supposed to love, but professionals do it so much better! And if you've ever spent a week trying to recover from the muscle strain of painting, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. I did a seminar last night at the Home Ideas Centre and chatted to some people about tricks and tips. Here's what I gleaned about painting:
* Try cutting down the number of coats by tinting the primer or undercoat. Make your first priming coat half the colour density of the final shade to aid coverage.
* I've used anti-mould paints in my bathrooms for the last two renos I've done, and it's worth it. So much easier to clean.
* Keep it clean! Cover odd-shaped bits of the room you want to keep paint splatter-free (the phone, doorknobs, lights) with kitchen plastic wrap.
* Painters seem divided over whether to use masking tape to protect carpets and skirtings. Most pros have such a steady hand they don't need it, but DIYers need all the help they can get. The problem is you need GOOD tape, or the paint will bleed in anyway. Oh, and make it low-tack masking tape to avoid damaging the finish when the tape is removed.
* Drips are such a drip. When painting a ceiling, wrap a few thicknesses of an old towel or cloth around the brush and secure with a rubber band. There’ll be no more paint running down the handle.
* Door edges can't be ignored. If you don’t paint the top and bottom edges, they can swell in damp weather. But it’s a drag having to take them off their hinges for painting, right? Well, think laterally. Why not use a scrap of carpet as a paintbrush and slip it under the door?
* For good coverage on textured walls,  roll the paint on in an ‘N’ or ‘W’ pattern, then spread it and work it into the depressions by holding the roller at a 15-30° angle while pushing or pulling in a straight line. You’ll find this action will force the paint into the depressions.
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