Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Driving plants up the walls has been a particular challenge in my home as I have the WORLD'S UGLIEST COLORBOND FENCE in my backyard. The laws of visual decency say this fence must be disguised by vines growing vertically over the ugly metal divider. I love gardening vertically almost as much as getting dirty horizontally - training vines up my fence helps delude myself that I am as interesting as French botanist Patrick Blanc, whose work on vertical gardens is nothing short of breathtaking (see link below). I would love nothing more than one of those sexy vertical gardens to grow on my Colorbond fence. Alas, I am dreaming. Pesky vertical gardens that look super sexy require loads of work and maintenance to get right ... and I have a hard enough time maintaining a weed-free path! I rather like this Parisian vertical garden, which uses these gorgeous glass pods to feed the wall of ferns. It's oh-so-European chic but would no doubt cark it within a day of living under Australian conditions ... but it's nice to fantasise that my Colorbond fence could one day look like that. Sigh.

Pictures: LostInParis

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