Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More bath talk (clean me up, someone)

Oh, now I think this bathroom is ALSO like the men I adore ... white, clean and easy to dive into. This is the new Toulouse bath tub, available in Australia from 1 November through local distribution partners Plumbing Concepts and Designs and GRO Agencies. The AUD RPP is $5,500. You like?
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  1. I like. I can't afford it. But I like.

  2. Oh that's the whole point of fancy bathrooms ... you can't afford them, you just fantasise about them

  3. Nice Bath - But wow! the price!
    You can get soooo many other options for that. However it is beautiful and deep and has great style!

  4. Superb view!..those things makes the one inspired and lively..thanks to show it by the way..cheer up!

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