Monday, October 19, 2009

Q&A: How to lay timber floors over concrete

Q. Boo hoo. What can you do if you want timber but have concrete floors?
A. A good floor installer can lay a new hardwood floor straight over the top of a level, dry slab. You’ll have to purchase the timber boards, allow them to acclimatise in your home for a week or more before installing it, sanding it and then finishing it with sealant. And it could cost well over $100 a square metre to buy the very best hardwood flooring timbers, which are more likely to remain stable regardless of the moisture and changing temperatures. The cheapest floors are usually a plantation timber like cypress pine, which is a softwood but naturally termite-resistant. Ecospecifier found David Baggs insists Australians should buy Australian-grown hardwoods, as our forestry standards are better regulated than hardwoods brought in fromSouth East Asia or South America.

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