Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wallpaper magazine: a design moment

I'm having a Starck love moment now that the designer has come over all eco and is eschewing his "useless" designs and concentrating on things like windmills to harness windpower. How unreal is that? I'd like to get my mitts on the new Wallpaper* magazine guest-edited by Starck and Karl Lagerfeld. There's a 24-hour music stream created by Stark, as well as an ambitious cover, which is supposed to be a visual incarnation of the questions on evolution. The Stark cover has three sheets of tracing paper, over a blank silver cover: the first sheet has an amoeba (drawn by Tobatron), representing life 4 billion years ago, the second a monkey (drawn by HelloVon) which represents today. The third sheet has a diffused question mark (by GBH, who helped facillitate the design of the whole cover with Starck and Wallpaper*) representing the unknown about life 4 billion years from now.

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