Friday, October 2, 2009

Q&A: Solving noisy fluoro lights

Q. My kitchen has a loud, whirring fluoro light that I want to throw plates at. What can I do?
A. Firstly, you can buy the nice fluoro tubes that cast a warmer, more pleasant light. They aren’t cheap, but they will make you look prettier if you have to sit under it. Buy fluoros and energy-efficient tubes at a specialist lighting shop, rather than the supermarket or hardware store, to see the full array of nicer options out there. The noise from a fluoro is usually due to a faulty or old ballast, and you can buy replacements to quieten things down. If you still hate the fluoro, then embrace your inner craftiness and cover the light fitting with coloured cellophane to change the cast of light. Most fluoros cast a blue or green light, but placing an orange or yellow cellophane over the top will warm it up and make the light more bearable. 

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