Friday, April 30, 2010

Creating your dream kitchen: Step Three

It's time to think about how you work in the kitchen. Do you cook? Do you wash too many dishes? How often are you opening and closing the fridge or the pantry? It's all about The Work Triangle. Yep, a piece of kitchen geometry that will drive happy functions in the kitchen. A triangle between the cooktop or oven, the sink and refrigerator is vital for efficient cooking and food prep in the kitchen. How does your current kitchen stack up? How far is it between the sink and the oven? The kitchen in the picture above might look slick, but how inefficient would it be to have the fridge left all lonely against that wall? There is only one area of workspace, which can definitely be made effective, but would be more efficient for those who like to cook if there was a small butchers block or island bench. What kind of work triangle do you want?

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Pictures: Finland real estate via DesireToInspire

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