Thursday, April 29, 2010

Creating your dream kitchen: Step Two

It's not about splashing around a tonne of cash, but thinking about clever ways to deliver the kitchen you want. Details are important in any kitchen, but designers like to start with the big picture—how you use your kitchen—and let details emerge. Even if your budget will inevitably call for compromises (join the club), get your wish list on the table. Make a list of things that bother you about your current kitchen—the mail piled up on the counter, the stockpot you can never reach. Designers say these negative lists are just as helpful at driving the details as having an extensive wish list.

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Pictures: Otthon magazine

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  1. Fabulous ideas in here - can't wait to read part three. I've been jotting down notes over the years I've lived with my 'almost-good-enough' kitchen and now almost know what I need.


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