Saturday, April 10, 2010

Q&A: Where did all the incandescent bulbs go?

Q. Hot damn, trying to find nice, glowy incandescent bulbs for my dining room light is getting harder – why?
A. Those evil CLIMATE-CHANGE-INDUCING incandescent bulbs have not been imported into Australia since earlier this year, following Malcolm Turnbull’s 2007 ban on the warm pear-shaped bulbs. Those old-fashioned pear-shaped bulbs may give a certain flattering glow, but since they actually produce more heat than light THEY ARE EVIL. They guzzle way too much electricity and don’t last as long as those curly wurly CFLs. You might be lucky enough to find a couple of smaller retail outlets still selling incandescent bulbs, as the retail ban officially starts in November. There have been a few whispers that the government may extend the retail ban until all stocks are sold out. Oh, although you will still be able to buy specialist incandescent bulbs, such as those that go inside refrigerators or ovens. Plenty of people espouse hatred for the curly CFL bulb, but they last up to five times longer than an incandescent and use less power.
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