Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dome as a backyard shed, anyone?

Forget about sheds. I want a DomePod. Kinda like a cubby house for adults,  this 3.5metre mini-dome can be put in backyards without the need for an approval from council. Builder Chris Brown developed the dome home patent over the past 10 years with the assistance from the Australian Research Council and the QUT (Queensland University of Technology), to develop a building system that uses no timber or steel, has superior energy saving attributes, is capable of the extremes of the elements and climate change, such as cyclonic winds, fires and even earthquakes, while using 30% less materials than conventional construction methods.
With an almost unheard of 7.5 star rating from Q-Bears (Queensland’s construction energy efficiency watch-dog) for a recently completed three dome home on the Sunshine Coast, DomeShells is set to meet the sustainability and energy efficiency expectations of the most climate change conscious of home owners. The DomePod is a removable structure that can be taken with you when you move, so doesn't need council approval.Highly insulated and energy efficient the DomePod is ideal to remedy the space limitations many families are experiencing, while adding to the value of your property. DomePods start from as little as $13,750 plus delivery.

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  1. Damn I like these! Forget the shed, I'm thinking Mummy Cave - can have all my *stuff* out there and not have to pack it away to serve meals.
    We could have matching his'n'hers domes and extra bedrooms for the kiddies - forget the house extension, I'm doming it!

  2. Too cute. Like a fairy toadstool house. Only with non-fairy price tag.


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