Sunday, May 30, 2010

Screen the scene: how to use plants to block the unsightly view

There's nothing nicer than a wall of green, particularly in inner city locations where it's more likely that a wall of graffiti, a block of apartments or perhaps a neighbour who strolls around in his undies is in the way of the view you'd really LIKE to have. Screening plants are an old trick to improve the outlook and perhaps add $$$ to a property's value. Bamboo was a commonly used screening plant, until people discovered its root system blocked drains and it grew like a weed, infesting any small space with lush green. A good screening plant will grow high, rather than wide, and will not get out of control or become too large for its position. It takes research to discover the best plant for your desired location - there are now fancy bamboos that don't have invasive roots, murraya that will quickly fill out to a dense hedge and lilly pillies that won't grow into tall rainforest trees. 

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  1. This is great - I've got a nasty, empty, doing-nothing space outside what will one day be my bathroom window. I'm going to start work on a screen now!


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