Monday, May 31, 2010

Watery trends: could water be the new colour scheme?

There is no greater way to pinpoint when a renovation was first done than doing the colour-check. If it's olive green and dusty pink, no doubt it's a 1980s vintage reno. A lurid orange or blinding green would be late 1970s. But which colours will be big in the future? According to Mudpie, a forecasting agency in London, watery hues are going to inspire us as we move towards 2012. Do you agree that we could all relax into watery-ness?

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Pictures: MPDclick


  1. I'd add avocado feature walls as pinpointing a 00s reno... FAR too many rentals out there need an overhaul!
    Would you slot (shudder) rag-rolled walls in the 90s?

    I can see water-inspired colours being big - tempted to use them myself, and wouldn't care if it's a trend or not. They're nice calm colours, can be easily brightened with accessories, good base for kids' rooms... AND they compliment the bright orange lino from that 70s reno!

    (Love that chair)

  2. Definitely paint effects, yellow and blue for the 90s! I love the watery colours - but would need to be warmed up for winter.


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