Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh, now that's a clever idea for cooking

How useful is this new Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest? Designed to help avoid those annoying spills, the Pot Clip simply clips to your pots edge and balances your utensils so that spooning, measuring and adding is just right, time after time. How clever is that? The Pot Clip features a stainless steel body, and silicone grips that are fully resistant to high temperatures. It also eliminates the need for using a counter top spoon rest when cooking, which equals no more mess on your counter and stove tops
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  1. Um. I think I would put it in the cupboard next to my handbag holder and my bread maker.

  2. I like it! Though, I'm always cooking. It would be particularly useful when doing toffee/candy and stuff like that.


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