Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why clean green?

Q. No way am I using those eco cleaning products! Cleaning is hard enough without making it take more time than necessary.

A. Good point. Cleaning sucks. But using cleaning products that are labeled as green or eco means you are introducing less chemicals into the home. A new book from Canadian researchers called Slow Chemical Death by Rubber Duck reveals that everything in our house from mattresses, frying pans, shampoo bottles and dozens of other household objects contain synthetic chemicals which build up in the human body, slowly crippling our health. Do you really want to add to the indoor chemical cocktail by squirting a few more household chemical cleaners around the house? Triclosan, which is found in products such as cleaners, wet wipes, handwash, shower curtains and even toothpaste has been linked to hormonal abnormalities and a weakening of the immune system. Fresh Green Clean founder Bridget Gardner has been involved with university research that discovered cleaning with warm soapy water can disinfect as effectively as stronger cleaners such as bleach or harsh chemicals. Plenty of people think that green cleaners aren’t as effective as harsh chemicals, but products made by market leaders like method, Ecostore, Seventh Generation and  Ecover are worth trying if you want to give your housekeeping a green makeover.

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  1. That triclosan scares the living daylights out of me. A-M xx

  2. I clean nearly everything with just warm/hot water, white vinegar and a bit of essential oil. I'm not choking back fumes and it's no harder than cleaning with other products - but it keeps your arms toned if you need to scrub a little!

  3. I use green products or soap and water. The mold is the worst bit. But I love Murchison Hume Boys Bathroom Cleaner - the ONLY product that makes a bathroom in a house full of small boys smell fresh, not like a urinal.


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