Friday, June 18, 2010

Q&A: let in the light - skylights and solartubes

Q: Our hallway is darker than a bat cave. My wife wants to install a window but wouldn't a skylight be cheaper?

A: They vary in price, with Solartubes being the cheapest and large-scale, insulated, double-glazed skylights more expensive. A Solartube can often be installed for about $500, provided access is easy and the work takes less than half a day. If your roof and ceiling frames are complex and difficult to cut, then a skylight may not be the answer. Just make make sure you have a professional install them; there's nothing worse than a leaking skylight that becomes a waterfall when it rains.

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  1. We had a solartube installed when we had our roof fixed - the idea being it would bring light to our batcave bathroom. Unfortunately, it went into the wrong place and would have to stretch further than Mr Elastic to do its job. So we're going to have a skylight in the hallway instead. Any natural light is good light!


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