Friday, January 30, 2009

Domino magazine closes

Tell me it isn't so! Shelterrific (which is one of the most terrific shelter blogs around) has reported that Domino magazine has folded. WHAT!!! The Huffington Post has more about the closure and proceeded to depress me even further by speculating that Details - my next favourite magazine in the whole wide world - could also close. It's not fair. Don't they know some people NEED those magazines? It's a tough old world out there. And magazines have always been a tough ball game (says a former magazine staffer who was retrenched three times before the age of 30). I hope this isn't an indication ofwhat might happen to great Aussie homes mags, which rely on a much lower advertising and circulation base? Sigh. 


From the Domino armoire gallery. Sniff sniff.

A stripey Hollywood guesthouse. Green doesn't seem so restful anymore.

Pictures: All via Domino

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