Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A modern medieval kitchen

If you're ever in western NSW, visit the oh-so-kooky Gulgong Pioneer Museum, where you can see hilariously kitsch displays of "pioneer kitchens", complete with intricately cut-out shelf liners made of newspaper. I must say I rather admired the old kitchens for their less is more approach, relying on freestanding furniture for storage. All they contained were a few table and chairs, a dresser for plates and cutlery, a kitchen table that doubled as a work bench and maybe a pot stand or two. So simple. No need to work out how to fit in a dishwasher or fridge, because there weren't any! When I hit upon the fancy pants Baulthaup kitchen website, my kitchen ogling inched up a notch or two. And then I realised how similar they were to the old pioneer kitchens - simple storage and a separate work space. Apparently, the wall cupboard is inspired by Europe's old medieval kitchens, which kept storage against one wall. I think they are decidedly covetable. Not only that, but creating kitchens from sustainable and re-usable materials such as timber (which can be stripped, sanded and re-done as your styles and tastes change) is the perfect way to make sure your kitchen lasts longer than any of your design fads. But you can't get these Baulthaup kitchens in Oz just yet. Wonder what the Aussie pioneers would say about 'em?

Pictures: Bulthaup

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