Friday, August 27, 2010

Hardwoods in the garden: Jamie Durie's top tips

Once upon a time when my children were still tiny, I had the privilege of working in Jamie Durie's landscape studios to help him with a magazine project he was working on. The man wowed me with his outdoor design genius. I seriously underestimated Jamie Durie's awesomeness until meeting him in the flesh and seeing him work.
When I got this press release from Boral about Jamie's tips for adding style to a garden, I went "gotta publish it". So here it is: Jamie Durie's tips with timbers:

Why timber?
Whether it’s about laying decking boards in an unusual pattern or creating an impressive structure for entertaining, timber adds style and character to an outside space. 

Enclose or partition sections of the backyard to create separate spaces for different activities, such as an entertaining area for eating with guests and another where the kids can play. Decking timber framed around an entertaining area makes a stunning backdrop, while placed around a pool it is an excellent way to provide privacy.

Hardwood timber decking is also ideal for fencing, offering year-round protection against the elements and providing a smart, natural finish for the front and back of the home.

Decking can be a decorative feature that lends itself to borders and edging. Use timber boards either horizontally or vertically to add texture and colour around plants, trees or herb beds.

Structural applications
A strong and durable material, hardwood timber decking can be used to build structural items for the garden. Pergolas or gazebos are a beautiful feature, helping to provide some shade during the hot summer days. For the kids, timber can be used to construct a cubby house in which to play.

Statement pieces
Create an arresting timber centrepiece as a focal point around which the rest of the backyard design can flow. With a variety of species to choose from, a timber statement piece will bring warmth and texture to the backyard for years to come.

Outdoor room
Timber decking can form a continuation of the indoor living area, carrying the look and feel through to the outdoors for a harmonious, flowing aesthetic.  Matching the timber species to indoor flooring will produce a seamless space and can be further accentuated with potted plants boxed in the same timber.

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Pictures: David Matheson for Jamie Durie's Outdoor Room book


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