Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mondrian retaining wall: better than the old

Retaining walls tend to need detaining for visual crimes against gardens. Most retaining walls are ugly, obvious and just plain obtrusive. This is a new retaining wall product from Boral called the Mondrian (as are many new products - for some reason, that painter is inspiring a tonne of renovation products in his name). The great thing about the Mondrian is that it costs under $100 per m2 and has a smooth top so doesn't need those hideous looking capping units, or separate corner units. With 72 blocks in every pallet, 12 blocks in each pallet can be used as either corner blocks, half blocks or base course blocks. As a result the wall can be designed during installation without the builder having to worry about being short of corners or caps. There are six different patterned blocks to create a unique wall design each time. The drystack wall system is designed so that blocks are fitted together when the back lip locks down over the top of the course below to form a flush face wall. There is no cutting required to form a corner or for half units as the corner units bond in with the standard blocks and the corners can also be turned to use as half units. Hey, I sound so proficient at this retaining world business that I could possibly lay it all myself. Oh wait ...

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Pictures: Boral

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  1. Coolio! Might go check out what the other styles are :)


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