Sunday, August 29, 2010

HINT HINT: Keep your bathroom mirror fog free

My own special way of de-fogging my bathroom mirror after my steamy shower is to blast the mirror with my hairdryer until I can see my face well enough to apply mascara without poking my eye out. But I do believe there are a virtual flotilla of hints out there to ensure a bathroom mirror remains de-fogged even in the steamiest of bathrooms.
Apparently you can spray your man's shaving cream on the mirror, wipe it around until it's disappeared and give the foam new life as a de-fogger. It must work a bit like spitting in your own scuba mask to stop the fog.
A thin (and spare) layer of WD-40 is said to do the same thing! Hey, grease up, baby. An ABC forum says rubbing half a potato on the mirror can also work, but that sounds like a food crime. Have you tried to find a de-fogger that works for you?

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