Sunday, August 8, 2010

HOME HINT: How to fold a fitted sheet

My mother has bought a motel and I thought I was being most helpful by folding the laundry that came out of the dryer. Alas, the housekeeper slapped my wrist and told me I had no idea how to fold a fitted sheet. She was right. I am used to fitted sheets being a bunch of horror in my linen press and I didn't realise there was a knack to it.
 To fold a fitted sheet so it doesn't bulge out of the shelf requires skill and a love of corners. You kind of have to tuck the true corner of the sheet (as opposed to the elasticated edge) into each other.
STEP ONE TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET: Have the sheet with gathered edge facing up and long sides at the left and right. Pinch the lower right corner with your right hand and turn it inside out with your left so the seam is exposed and the corner has folded over your right hand like a loose glove. Bring the corner up to meet the upper edge of the sheet and tuck it inside the upper right folded corner. Repeat with the lower left and upper left corners. You should have a squarish shape. Smooth creases and straighten the left, lower, and right sides.
STEP TWO TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET: Pinch the upper right corner and turn it inside out. Bring the right corner over to meet the left corner and tuck the right corner inside the left. This is what I mean about the edges fitting into each other.
STEP THREE TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET: Smooth any creases. You should have a slightly rectangular shape with two straight edges and two curved edges. Fold the sheet in half lengthways with curved edge on top. Fold in half again. Fold the two short edges in to meet in the middle and then fold once more for a neat finish that will surprise and delight even the sloppiest housekeeper (IE, ME!).

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  1. Wow. Amazing what can be achieved when kids aren't trying to use the sheets as cubby houses while you're trying to fold them!

  2. You are a domestic God! I usually just scrunch them up and stuff them at the back of the cupboard.

  3. This is hilariously useful. My linen cupboard is also a chamber of horrors. I remember seeing Tara on BH&G do it once, but then could never remember afterwards. Now I have step-by-step instructions forevermore. Thanks!


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