Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Which floors are best? hard or soft ...

I used to hate carpet. Now I love it. There's nothing nicer than walking over my hand-tufted silk runner on a cold winter morning. Carpet also hides much dirt. It's cheap. It's insulative. The bad thing is that carpet harbours dust, requires regular vacuuming (rather than mopping). Tiles are a much more utilitarian flooring option - easy to clean with a quick sweep or mop, but they tend to be loud and a complete bastard if you drop your crockery on the floor. Timber is soft and ages well, but can't be mopped as easily as tiles and tends to cup or warp if the environment becomes too moist, hot or cold. Which floor do you prefer to walk over?

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  1. Love aged timber floors with a good tung oil finish, think Jarrah for breathtaking beauty and durability.
    I'm not keen on the look of laminated timber floating floors though... they don't feel quite right to me.

  2. I'm with you Dangle! Those laminated floors have a click clack sound that doesn't sound right when you clomp all over them in your stilletos. Give me a timber floor I can damage with my heels ...


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