Saturday, September 19, 2009

Celebrity house: will Russell Crowe buy Le Manoir

There's something rather lovely about Sydney's Bellevue Hill, which is high above the harbour with great views and around ten-minutes' drive to Bondi beach or the city. Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer have been inspecting this property and no doubt want a garden for their two sons to run around in. Rusty currently lives in The Wharf in a massive 400 sqm+ apartment, but no garden. Le Manoir is on an acre of land, surrounded by a three-metre wall -- perfectly private. But any millionaire buyers hoping to snap up Le Manoir have until next Thursday to register to bid at the November 5 auction. Oddly enough, buyers must also  hand over a $50,000 cheque, a resume to show they are of “good character” and a letter agreeing the house is likely to sell for more than $15 million. Raine  and Horne Double Bay's Michael Pallier says the onerous buying conditions are because the home is owned by the French Government, which doesn’t want to embarrass itself by selling to any shady characters.“No, no I don’t think it has anything to do with Michael McGurk – it’s just a French Government process,” Pallier says, referring to the murdered loan shark and associate of various Sydney property developers.“The money goes into a trust account and the buyers will get their $50,000 back if they don’t buy the house at the auction.” You'd hope so! Would you fork out 50 grand just in the hope of going to an auction? Or would you be more worried about being cast out for being a "shady character" ... I wonder what Russell will do?

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