Monday, September 14, 2009

Q&A Preventing mould in the bathroom

Q: Eek – my bathroom turns into a mould monster.
A: If it’s not your bad housekeeping skills, then it’s likely your bathroom has waterproofing failure. Once a bathroom turns into a black monster that not even harsh bleach can keep at bay, then it’s likely your old bathroom needs some repairs. In old houses and apartments, it’s common that water gets behind the old tiles and wets the wall, creating a mould-tastic breeding ground that cannot be cleaned. There are new waterproofing solutions that involve cleaning out the old mouldy grout, re-grouting and spraying over a clear waterproof coating, sometimes for less than $500. Some in the bathroom industry are dubious that these solutions can last a long time, but it’s cheaper than stripping out all the tiles to renew a waterproof membrane.

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