Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh, another book launch

You've got to admire a girl who will get down on bended knees to fill borer holes in her own floorboards. But that's Kim Traill for you. Back in 1990, when I went backpacking to Europe, Kim set off for a country renowned for its bad food, dreadful weather and surly service: the Soviet Union. You might remember Kim from Race Around The World, SBS’s Dateline or ABC’s Foreign Correspondentwhere she specialised in great stories about the Soviet Union. These days she spends lots of time in Sydney renovating her terrace house. The woman is a renovation machine, making new floors, digging gardens and putting me to great shame ... all while she writes books and single-handedly looks after her son Nik. Tonight is Kim's night of glory. She launches her book, Red Square Blues : A Beginner's Guide To The Decline And Fall Of The Soviet Union. The Sunday Age said the book is part history, part memoir and all fun ... much like Kim herself. I am off to drink a glass of wine in her honour. Actually, maybe I should be drinking vodka?

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