Friday, September 25, 2009

RENOVATION FIX: how to clean up after a dust storm

The dust storm that swamped most of Australia's east coast in the last few days is apparently due to return around the weekend. Which means there isn't much point in starting your clean up until AFTER thedust has settled. My cleaning guru Gabrielle Simpson, who runs Clean Queens, says the best way to clean your house of all the fine dust is to:

ONE: Wipe all surfaces with a static duster and then a cotton tea towel, starting with the ceiling and working your way down. The word on the street is that ostrich feather dusters are the bees knees when it comes to dusting - simply dust over surfaces and then take the feathers outside for a good shaking before starting all over again.

TWO: Vacuum with a clean and empty vacuum bag and don't add water to mop and clean surfaces until you are sure most of the dust is gone. "You'll end up doing Aboriginal dot paintings if you add water to that dust, it has so much ochre in it," she says.

THREE: Mop and wipe with water last!
The other handy hint is to get down to the hardware store and buy up the draughtproof tapes and draft excluders to prevent the next dump of dust getting into the house.
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