Thursday, September 17, 2009

RENOVATION INSPIRATION: Glenn Murcutt home hits the market

There's something about Australian architect Glenn Murcutt's homes that have to be seen to be believed. Photos do not do them justice, as the shed-like homes take in the surrounding space and really get me talking like some high-falutin' architecture expert. All I can say is that I WANT THIS HOUSE, which was built in 1998 in NSW's Kangaroo Valley -  a very special place.Kangaroo Valley not only where I conceived my gorgeous first-born son, but it's a geographic wonder that fills with mist and has gorgeous waterways rolling through it. Radio star Jackie O has a farm there, too. This house has been listed with hopes of $1.8 million through Drew Lindsay Real Estate (the same bloke that sold Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban their Southern Highland's home), so if anyone wants to buy it for me ... just let me know! 

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