Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Q&A How to fix a leaky roof

Q. My roof has a leak but I have no idea where it’s coming from? So how can I repair it?
A. A specialist roof plumber is the guru to call in to guide you on non-specific leaks. Roof leaks can be caused by all manner of things - the angle of roofing joins, flashing, guttering or roofing material that’s fallen into disrepair or poor installation. What’s more, water can travel on the underside of roof sheets or down roofing rafters before dropping off in one or more places far away from the source of the leak. One handy trick to control where the leaking water falls is to tack a piece of string into the stream of water and let it hang into a bucket. The water will tend to follow the string, rather than dripping all over the ceiling. I know I will sound like a Nana, but it’s best to repair leaking roofs straight away. Water damage is worse than a varicose vein – it goes from bad to ugly really quickly. 

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