Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I love Apartment Therapy

This is the founder of Apartment Therapy, Maxwell Gillingham Ryan in his New York apartment.
It's the grand-daddy of all homes blogs and was the one that literally inspired my obsession for blogging. These days, I find the volume of posts from AT a little overwhelming, but I suppose they do to. I love:
* the homes are fresh, real and new
* the content is original and usually insightful
* there's an emphasis on green (which really needs a new word to better describe it)
* Maxwell's book Apartment Therapy is a great read - he is clearly an innovator.
But really, I love Apartment Therapy because they wrote about me.Click here to see what they said! TOOT TOOT (that's the sound of me blowing my own trumpet).
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Pictures: NewYorkTimes by RubyWashington

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