Monday, February 9, 2009

Celebrity: If Tom and Katie were a room ...

I find TomKat mildly intriguing. My intrigue is mainly: WHAT IS SHE DOING WITH HIM? They seem terribly, ahem, "at one" with each other in the outfit stakes. It's all a bit Stepford Wives and let's-dress-alike-today-honey. But what if Ron L Hubbard beamed TomKat's outfits into an interior. Would they look like more like Room One or Room Two, pictured below? Or something a little more creeeeeeeeepy?

ROOM ONE: SILVER SLEEK via ApartmentTherapy
ROOM TWO: AIRY NEUTRAL via InSpaceLocations

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Pictures: 1.Splash via mamamia2.InSpaceLocations via TwinsGarden
, 3.ApartmentTherapy

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