Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is feng shui a load of feng shwite

I rather enjoy the principles of Feng Shui - I find them a fascinating diversion from the way most Australians decorate and plan their homes. This house, pictured above, is known as the Butterfly House, and was commissioned by a Malay-Chinese couple who were Feng Shui-obsessed. The story goes that they commissioned an Aussie architect to create a house with no corners. None at all. Corners, you see, are supposedly bad Feng Shui. Not long after the house began to be built, the owners got Fenged by their own Shui and had to sell quickly. Another family completed the build - at great expense - with curved windows, a curved stair well and curved everything. I rather like it. I also like Daphne Guinness's story on guru Joey Yap's Feng Shui secrets. You can read the full story in the link below, but his super shui-ness secrets include:

Rules of the door

Avoid trees outside, they stop the flow of qi.
Don't sit with a door behind you, concentration will go (if you must, close the door and qi will flow).
Workspace rules
Don't have your desk directly under a beam.
Don't sit under a slanting ceiling. If you must, sit where the ceiling is highest.
Don't sit with your back directly to a corner.
Bedroom rules
Accident-prone? Sleep in a bed with brass or other metal frame.
Squabbles with your partner? Put a red rug down, or a red table lamp, to negate the room's bad effects.
Kitchen rules
Don't put the stove right next to the sink, this creates blood-pressure problems. Make sure they are at least 30 centimetres apart.
Avoid an island with a stove. Food is affected by negative qi resulting in health problems.
Don't buy a house with a kitchen in the centre. It causes qi disruption and frequent illness.

What's your view of Feng Shui? Does it work?

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