Thursday, February 5, 2009

Government's $10,000 green renovation grants: want one?

The Australian Government is in a giveaway-fest, what with that $42 billion stimulus package announced yesterday. Not only is EVERYONE eligible for free insulation but there is also a new green renovation loan scheme starting. Each year the average Australian household contributes 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere – enough to fill 280,000 balloons- and draws an average 292,000 litres or 73,000 buckets of water. As the schizophrenic housing market sorts itself out, I am positive there will be a shift towards environmentally friendly homes that don’t cost as much to run. The Australian Governments Green Loans program offers a tailored home sustainability assessment and NO-INTEREST LOANS for bigger projects like installing solar panels, grey water filtration systems or rainwater tanks. You don't even have to own your own home - even renters are eligible! These are the steps you need to take if you're interested!

Step 1 - Register for a home sustainability assessment At no cost, a qualified sustainability assessor will visit your home, investigate your energy and water uses and establish actions that can help you save energy and water.
Step 2 – Receive your tailored home sustainability reportShortly after your assessment you will receive a tailored home sustainability assessment report – valid for six months- that suggests the best water and energy saving changes you can make to your property; options to purchase energy and water saving devices; andpractical information to get you started.
Step 3 – Choose your home sustainability actionsWith your assessment report in hand, you can make water and energy saving changes as simple or as large scale as you like as your home sustainability report is the first step to qualifying for an interest free green loans of up to $10,000. While only one Green Loan can be provided per assessment report, the loan can support many individual actions.
Eligibility To be eligible for an assessment you must be 18 years or over, an Australian citizen, permanent resident or registered charity and either the dwelling owner, trustee or renter listed on the lease. Your house or property must be in Australia or its territories and have been completed and occupied for at least 12 months.To be eligible for a Green Loan you must have undertaken a home sustainability assessment, have an income below $250,000 per year and satisfy the lending criteria of a participating Green Loans financial provider. Your loan must be for actions recommended in the home sustainability assessment report and for the house or property listed on the report.
Register nowThe first home sustainability assessments and loans are expected to be available in mid 2009. At this stage, you can check your eligibility and register your interest in the program by calling 1800 895 076 or visiting registering your interest, you’ll be contacted when an assessor is available in your postcode.

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