Friday, February 6, 2009

What's your favourite IKEA thing

Is it the meatballs? Is it the ice cube trays? Is it the dullness in the tone of the checkout person's voice when they ask your postcode? Whatever it is, there is SOMETHING everyone loves about IKEA to make us put up with the queues, lack of stock and severe chipboard-itis that afflicts the furniture icon. I have to confess, NOTHING can make me hate them. Ever. Not even the fact that it takes a minimum of 20-minutes to walk from the entrance to the exit of their Rhodes store. Not even that they leave one or two screws out of every box. Not even that my dishwasher occassionally melts their plastic cutlery (that my kids love, not me). And I could never hate a place that lets me drop my children off for an hour while I go shopping.
And how can you not have affection for a Swedish company (which should be known for its design sophistication and loveliness) that creates a giant Allen Key in celebration of itself? It's like the Big Banana gone corporate! It was truly a moment for me to have my photo taken with it at their headquarters in Sweden's odd little town called Almhult. I enjoyed this post about Ikea written by MarkPollard today (link is below) and it made me feel even more wistful about the weirdness and contradictions of loving a mass store that hogs your time, frustrates you yet strangely comforts as well. So what is it about IKEA that you love ... or maybe hate?

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