Thursday, February 26, 2009

My terrible twitter addiction

This is the picture @MrsKutcher uploaded to Twitpics just before the Oscars ... is it the real Demi and Ashton?

Fact: Twitter is more fun that Facebook.
Another fact: Twitter wastes more time than Facebook.
And another fact: It's SOOOO much fun to follow the celebrities, the fakes and the dead people that have suddenly been born again on Twitter.
For those who have been busy with real life rather than the internet, Twitter is a social network that limits you to 140 character "tweets", which are like a cross between blogging and updating your status on Facebook.
I'm following @MrsKutcher, which is Demi Moore. She takes pictures of her and Ashton Kutcher which give you a real insight into their life. But while the pics LOOK pretty real, my suspicious internet partner in crime, MC65 (his blog link is on the left, too) insists @MrsKutcher is about as real as Demi's ironed-smooth forehead. Apparently Ashton is also mad, keen twitterer who posted live pics from the Oscars parties, too.
I'm also following @hugh_jackman who is a wonderful, delightful fake Hugh Jackman that Tweeted all the way through the Oscars ceremony he was hosting. I don't care that he's fake coz he's funny. I'm enjoying plenty of other fakes, too. (There is even an @fakecelebritywatch who is following me ... no doubt to spoil my fake-watching fun!)
And while I'm on the subject of MrsKutcher-Twitter-love, I came across these pics of Ashton Kutcher's Beverly Hills bachelor pad which sold recently. I was most distressed at the he-manliness of those interiors ... if they smell like they they look, then I reckon Ashton's house has an odour of beer-swilling frat party sprayed with Lynx deodorant. Demi wouldn't possibly allow him to live like that, right? Not so sure what @MrsKutcher would do, though.

Pictures: Twitpics and RealEstalker

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