Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Renovating with pets: is it barkitecture?

Puppies and dogs are cute. Like children, the best are well-trained and enjoy being outside. Which brings me to this chair designed to be both a dog kennel and human seat. Designer Kim Hyun Joo says it "is a piece of funiture in which the dog house and chair coexist, expressing a need for intimacy between the pet owner and the pet. There are various ways to use Happily Ever. The owner can sit anywhere on the chair. The dog can rest inside the chair, or sit on top of it. There are two seats - the lower one is for the dog or owner, and the upper one is just for the owner." Does that sound OK to you? Weren't doghouses MEANT to be outside? And isn't half the fun of dog ownership yelling at the furry thing to get OFF the couch? Or have we all gone crazy pampering our pooches with designer items?

Pictures: Kim Hyun Joo via DesignZen

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