Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unreal estate: house perving

One of my favourite things to do is ogle houses, a perverse hobby I developed at an early age. Which one will I buy? And what sort of renovations might I need to undertake? Gosh, and where is Jeeves when you need him to peel you a grape (and bring you a Berocca)?
The harbour views and wet edge pool really make this Darling Point waterfront ... not sure what's going on with that ceiling?
For around $4 million, you get this over-designed Paddington terrace, not far from where Collette Dinnigan bought her new house. But do we really want a swimming pool as the backyard?

This one has its own beach but comes with a $16 million price tag. Tis on the northern beaches though, and those people do tend to like putting frangipani stickers on their cars.

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