Thursday, February 12, 2009

RENOVATION INSPIRATION: green roof, save costs!

Iceland's Hof House ... tres cool.HofHouse via Inhabitat
It's all about what's on top of me. Yesterday, it was my ex-husband's mid-life crisis. Today, it's my roof getting on top of me. It's just so, well, mediocre. It's iron. And while it looks sweet atop my little wooden house, I really, really, really want a green roof. You see, green roofs are meant to be the best insulation ever. Better than a pink batt. Better than wool. And I like the idea of having more garden space in the city. (OK, so I don't like the idea of my wooden house falling over under the weight of its own green roof, but with all those clever engineers out there, surely something could be done?)I saw the cutest heritage cottage from the 16th century in rural Sweden with one, the picture is below. Apparently the green roofs not only kept the house warm during bitter winters, but also provided much-needed feed for the goats when the ground was frozen. The gorgeously modern house in Iceland pictured at the top of this post has a very chic green roof. Even Sydney's Conservatorium of Music has one - as does Parliament House in Canberra. It would be nice to have something lovely, lively, nature-iscious and green on top
Sydney's Conservatorium of Music, designed by Water Sensitive Urban Design
Sweden's Rashult cottage built in the 16th century

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